Dam Comments

Bob Gagnon, chair of the Lowell Flood Owners Group in Pawtucketville, wrote a letter to the SUN that was published yesterday. In it he included the address to which people with comments about the proposed “bladder dam” at Pawtucket Falls can send letters: Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, 100…

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More on Lincoln Monument Dedication

In the preceding post, Paul provides the background and schedule for tomorrow’s rededication of Lowell’s Lincoln Monument (which I’m planning to attend). Part of the importance and charm of this monument is that it was financed (partially, at least) by contributions from the school children of Lowell in 1909. The…

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‘Energy: The First Reality,’ Wrote Paul Tsongas

Concerning Marjorie’s latest post, here’s what Paul Tsongas wrote about energy in “The Road From Here: Liberalism and Realities in the 1980s,” published in 1981: “Oil is a finite, diminishing resource. These six words tell us almost everything. The preservation of America and the world requires that the facts be…

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