“Mrs. Somebody Somebody” Author Coming to Lowell

Lowell – the Mill Town of the 1940’s – is the star of Tracy Winn’s collection of short stories – Mrs. Somebody Somebody. The trials and tribulations of an assortment of characters from many of  Lowell neighborhoods have  lives that interconnect and thus tell us a story. 

As noted in Booklist: Over time, through the perspective of men, women, and children, Winn evocatively conveys the sensibilities and mannerisms of people of different classes and ethnicities in a small industrial town. –Vanessa Bush

Barnes & Noble Downtown Lowell will host an “Author Reading and Signing” on Friday June 18, 2010 from 7:00 to 8:00pm.

“Author Tracy Winn will be at the store to read and sign her debut book, Mrs. Somebody Somebody. A collection of connected stories set in Lowell, Massachusetts, is by turns funny and sad, with stories that intersect in surprising ways. The authentic characters are etched memorably by Winn, who nails a diverse swath of Lowell life over some 60 years. Tracy Winn’s firm command of narrative and her ability to evoke emotion puts this high on the list of must-read story collections. Paperback will be available in June.”