The Lowell Review

The Lowell Review brings together writers and readers in the Merrimack River watershed of eastern New England with people near and far who share their curiosity about and passion for the small and large matters of life. Each issue includes essays, poems, stories, criticism, opinion, and visual art.

In the spirit of The Dial magazine of Massachusetts, edited by Margaret Fuller and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the 1840s, The Lowell Review offers a space for creative and intellectual expression. The Dial sought to provide evidence of “what state of life and growth is now arrived and arriving.”

This new publication springs from the blog (est. 2007), known for its “Voices from Lowell and Beyond.” In America, the name Lowell stands out, associated with industrial innovation, working people, cultural pluralism, and some of the country’s literary greats.

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The Lowell Review is an annual magazine (print and electronic). To submit work for consideration for future issues, please contact