George Chigas: A Parable

The False God of Dow by George Chigas At the height of Cambodia’s economic and military power during the Angkor Period (ninth to fifteenth centuries), when a drought or disease threatened the kingdom’s prosperity and security, the ruler, believed to be semi-divine, a deva-raja or god-king, would summon his high…

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Lowell Cemetery virtual tour

Here’s my first attempt at a true “virtual tour” all on video. It’s a 30-minute trip through historic Lowell Cemetery. It’s posted on YouTube and Facebook. I hope it is the first of many: If the above video viewer doesn’t work go directly to YouTube to see the video.

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Marie Sweeney’s Childhood Illness & Social Distancing in the ’50s

Remembering My Illness-Caused Separation, a Semi-Social Distancing By Marie Sweeney (March 25, 2020) Marie Sweeney, photograph by Kevin Harkins THIS MORNING A TWEET from Dan Rather took me way back in time to Spring 1953. I was in the fifth grade—in Sister Mildred’s class—a double-grade that included some sixth graders…

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