The Waitresses of America

The Waitresses of America By David Daniel The trucker crumpled his napkin, dropped it on the Formica counter, and rose. “You’re brave, young lady,” he said. The waitress smiled tentatively. “I am?” “Serving food this bad? Shit, yeah.” From where I sat three stools away I saw her cheeks warm,…

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“Talking to Kids about Drugs”

Talking to Kids about Drugs By David Daniel David Daniel draws on his career as a school teacher for this fictionalized conversation with students. “Mr. Dunn—back in the day—did you do drugs a lot?” Leo Dunn loves high school students. Loves their curiosity, their smarts, the way their minds work.…

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Like Finding Money

Like Finding Money By David Daniel David Daniel, a frequent contributor to this site, a prolific novelist and writer, and a former teacher, shares the following story. The jackpot kept growing. Each Wednesday and Saturday evening at six the lottery commission would tumble the little numbered balls, but the ticketholders…

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