150 Feet of Civic Love

It doesn’t take much sometimes. It’s uplifting to see how much people appreciate a positive gesture, no matter what size. In addition to spreading a layer of loam and re-seeding the sports field at the South Common, the good folks at City Hall brought in a pavement company to resurface…

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The Paddy Camps of Lowell

Nancy Pitkin sent the following about an upcoming selection of the Pollard Memorial Library’s nonfiction book group: Father John’s Medicine is engraved in the lintel of one of the many renovated historic buildings in Lowell on Market Street and is now apartments. I’d always assumed that the name for Fr.…

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Coburn’s Pitch

Years ago, I wrote a rhyming poem about an incident at Bunker Hill described in Silas Coburn’s “History of Dracut.” The story is that Captain Peter Coburn of Dracut led a company of men from his town in the battle. He was shot by the British three times, in the…

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