150 Feet of Civic Love

It doesn’t take much sometimes. It’s uplifting to see how much people appreciate a positive gesture, no matter what size. In addition to spreading a layer of loam and re-seeding the sports field at the South Common, the good folks at City Hall brought in a pavement company to resurface about 150 feet of the asphalt track surrounding the sports field. Municipal and National Guard heavy equipment had chewed up the already cracked black-top in the process of building this past winter’s “snow farm” on the sports field. The track repair job took two days, and it looks great. Immediately, kids came out of nowhere with bikes and trikes and scooters and skateboards to run their wheels over the snake-smooth pavement. The health walkers showed an extra spring in their steps when they hit the freshly tarred section of the track. Everybody was walking and riding a little taller, thinking, “They fixed up our park. This is cool.” Don’t underestimate what a little sprucing up of public spaces can do for the mood of the citizens. The new grass is sprouting enough to be seen on the re-seeded field. People are respectfully keeping off the grass even though there are no signs saying that. Let’s hope that continues and the turf can fill in nicely, something we haven’t had in my many years living across the street. Imagine, just picture, how ecstatic the residents will be when the South Common renewal and improvement plan is fully implemented, based on the approved design in the hands of our planners in the Kennedy Center downtown. I am confident that we are close to seeing the comprehensive renovation of the South Common get underway. The recent upgrades are most appreciated.


One Response to 150 Feet of Civic Love

  1. Linda says:

    I agree that a little “sprucing up” can go a long way. We all need to be good neighbors and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Glad to hear the city is doing its part.