New Poem: Chath pierSath

Chath pierSath’s new book, ON EARTH BENEATH SKY, is forthcoming in about ten days. The poems and prose sketches describe his journey as a genocide survivor from Cambodia, boy refugee starting over in Colorado, and new American finding a place in this country and his own place in society. He lived and worked in Lowell for several years and now is based at the Nicewicz Farm in Bolton, Mass. Chath is the author of three books and a painter with an international reputation. To pre-order the book, go to


Mother, I’m Coming Home

by Chath pierSath


Sixteen years has been too long.

Mother, I’m coming home

To collect your bones.


The war that killed your husband is through.

The killing fields are done.

I still wake to the sounds of guns.


Sixteen years is too long.

I am home, mother, to collect your bones.


Your voice telling me to run:

Run, run, run ‘til you’re free,

Run as far as you can.

When the war’s over,

We shall meet again.


I look for you in the things I had known—

Bamboo bush and the mango trees you had grown.

There’s nothing but despair in your bones.


Run from the firing squads of heartless men.

Go where you’ll be safe.

You’ll grow up to have better days.

Return when you can.

We will soon meet again.


I am home, mother, to collect your bones.

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