A Poem from Kathleen Aponick

Please welcome Kathleen Aponick of Andover to our roster of writers. RPH Postcards from Haggett’s Pond By Kathleen Aponick —after a recurrence of cancer I’m by the water on a path once a railroad bed thinking of trains whizzing by, passengers deep in thought, tense perhaps over work, family problems,…

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Tom Sexton: New Poem

We have a new poem from Tom Sexton in Alaska, an avid reader of the blog and regular contributor. Tom’s Lowell poems will be published by Loom Press later this year in a collection titled Cummiskey Alley. Tom grew up in the city and now counts among his honors his selection…

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Frank Wagner: A New Poem

Our new contributor Frank Wagner from Texas has a poem about neighborhood destruction, a subject familiar to anyone in Lowell who knows what happened in the Market Street Greek-American enclave in the Acre in the 1930s,  Little Canada in the 1960s, and the Hale-Howard district in the late ’60s/early ’70s.…

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