A Birthday Poem for Bob Dylan’s 80th

Bob Dylan’s Vocal Chords            for Susan O. By David Cappella The speech pathologist sits on the icy aluminum bench beside me, as we watch the hockey game, chilly in the refrigerator cold of the skating rink. Outside squats a New England heat wave, one of those cursed Bermuda highs that…

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Review of Cummiskey Alley

Ann Lord, a native of Manchester, NH, but a longtime resident of Alaska, recently reviewed Tom Sexton’s Cummiskey Alley: New and Selected Lowell Poems in the Anchorage Daily News. She recently shared the review with us. Here it is: Tom Sexton, a longtime University of Alaska Anchorage professor who retired in…

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Fred Woods: A New Poem

Thruway by Fred Woods   Laid end to end my memories would stretch from skipping stones on Lake Champlain to walking the shores of the Salish Sea. A single lane one way slash through time zones so doable and with no time to waste I hired an engineer and drew…

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