A Poem by Sean Casey

This poem originally appeared in Origin (Bob Arnold, editor). To Florence By Sean Casey Flossy, Florence, Mrs. MacKenzie— this is Sean Casey, son of Michael and Kathy Casey of 9 Robandy Road, your neighbor since 1984. I wanted to let you know this past Sunday, January 14, 2007, the Patriots…

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Boston Globe Reviews Miller’s New Poems About Merrimack River and Lowell

  Nina MacLaughlin of The Boston Globe (6-6-21) reviews Matthew W. Miller’s new book of poems, cover-to-cover about the Merrimack River and Lowell: “In his hewn and forceful new collection of poetry, “Tender the River” (Texas Review), Matthew W. Miller makes a coursing book-length portrait of the Merrimack River, its…

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A Birthday Poem for Bob Dylan’s 80th

Bob Dylan’s Vocal Chords            for Susan O. By David Cappella The speech pathologist sits on the icy aluminum bench beside me, as we watch the hockey game, chilly in the refrigerator cold of the skating rink. Outside squats a New England heat wave, one of those cursed Bermuda highs that…

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