A World Underground

A World Underground: Summer Rains Set Off a Merrimack Valley Mushroom Explosion By Doug Sparks This has been and will likely continue to be an exceptional year for Merrimack Valley mushroom hunters because of the unusual volume of rain. Unfortunately, it’s also a great year if you happen to be…

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Kerry Hardie, with “Inishmaan” and other poems from, WHERE NOW BEGINS

Whether a reader concurs with Chaucer’s view of Aprille as inspirational or agrees with Eliot’s claim that it “is the cruelest month,” April is National Poetry Month in the USA and April 29, 2021, is National Poetry Day in Ireland. This week we introduce four poems by Kerry Hardie, from…

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“Thirty-Two Words for Field: Lost Words of the Irish Landscape” by Manchán Magan

It is the oldest vernacular language in Europe; it is “unique,” “complex,” and “primal.” Those are some of the words author Manchán Magan uses to describe the Irish language. Throughout the month of March, Trasna is featuring Irish language writers. We begin with Manchán Magan and his recent 2020 publication,…

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