Cape Cod

Please welcome our newest contributor, Nick Cote.

Cape Cod

By Nick Cote

If you are anything like me, born and raised in Massachusetts, you know that Cape Cod is a special place. Not too far from home yet far enough to be the perfect and tranquil vacation destination. Dennis Port is my favorite town and has been part of my life throughout my childhood, into adulthood and is now a tradition I share with my own children.

Cape Cod. A place filled with complete strangers….not unlike the rest of the world. A place that people gather each Summer to take a break from everyday life. A place to sit on a beach that is never overcrowded, get some KILLER Seafood from Kream N Kone, and make memories with the family getting Ice Cream at Sundae School. A place that has many quaint little villages filled with cottages that are nearly on top of each other though there are only two distinct sounds you will hear while relaxing outside on your deck, PEACE and QUIET!!

To me, Cape Cod has always felt like the safest place in the world. Your worries wash away like the tide in the Ocean. For these moments, life is all good.

Cape Cod. A place where one will use their outdoor shower without a second thought or care in the world. Your nearest neighbor is a mere twenty feet away. Vulnerable and naked, virtually powerless against anyone or anything but left completely alone, safe, and unharmed by those around you. If only the world took a page out of THAT book. If only the world could be more like Cape Cod….


Nick Cote was born and raised in Lowell. He’s moved away many times over the years but always found his way back home. He’s a social worker by day with a passion for cigars, hot rods, tattoos, music and writing.

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  1. Jeannie Sargent Judge says:

    It looks grand! I am a regular reader and appreciate your insights. Cheers! Jeannie