Lowell Places

Marie Sweeney’s Childhood Illness & Social Distancing in the ’50s

Remembering My Illness-Caused Separation, a Semi-Social Distancing By Marie Sweeney (March 25, 2020) Marie Sweeney, photograph by Kevin Harkins THIS MORNING A TWEET from Dan Rather took me way back in time to Spring 1953. I was in the fifth grade—in Sister Mildred’s class—a double-grade that included some sixth graders…

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“The Architect of Lowell” – Handsome Houses and the Middlesex County Jail ~ Lowell

Many blog followers know Joe Orfant – a Lowell/Belvidere native who has on many occasions offered programs for the Lowell Historical Society. Joe’s Linked-In page notes: ” Experienced Environmental Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Urban Planning, Environmental Awareness, Construction, Conservation Issues,…

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Lowell Places: Superior Courthouse

“Lowell Places” is a new category of blog posts that will appear from time-to-time to tell the story of buildings, parks, bridges and other structures of historical interest in Lowell, Massachusetts. Incorporated as a town in 1826 and a city in 1836, the rapid growth of Lowell brought an increase…

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