“The Architect of Lowell” – Handsome Houses and the Middlesex County Jail ~ Lowell

Many blog followers know Joe Orfant – a Lowell/Belvidere native who has on many occasions offered programs for the Lowell Historical Society. Joe’s Linked-In page notes: ” Experienced Environmental Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Urban Planning, Environmental Awareness, Construction, Conservation Issues, and Sustainability. Strong program and project management professional with a Certificate of Special Studies focused in Administration and Management from Harvard University.” He’s that and more including being the Chair of the Boston Conservation Commission, a great researcher and author of articles about Lowell architecture – including public, public and residential – and the architects who designed them and the interesting political, public and personal stories so attached! We always look forward to having Joe back for another Lowell Historical Society program. Joe’s active on FB and as his FB friend I caught a response he made to a local posting of a “rendering” of the County Jail/ later Keith Academy… it’s chock-full of great information… take the time to read this… you’ll be glad that you did. Thanks, Joe Orfant!

This is a cross-post from Joe’s blog Building Blocks ~ https://theonlyjoeorfant.com/?s=Lowell%27s+architect