‘Even the rainbows are social distancing’ by Alan McMonagle

With wry humour, Irish novelist Alan McMonagle writes of the challenges of living through COVID-19. EVEN THE RAINBOWS ARE SOCIAL DISTANCING by Alan McMonagle Somewhere in Bedfordshire, England a ninety-nine-year-old man is hobbling lengths of his garden to raise money for the UK’s National Health Service, and here I am,…

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Trasna editor Margaret O’Brien’s timely piece,“Pasteur and Uncle Paddy,” is about a deadly virus, her great-grandmother Mary, and one of the world’s most famous scientists. Today the world is in the grip of a pandemic because of COVID-19, the deadly Coronavirus. Although it has claimed many lives and disrupted economic and social…

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Trasna: A Few Words about Our New Feature

IN THE FALL OF 2014, I had the good fortune to attend a conference called “The Irish in Massachusetts: Historical Significance, Lasting Legacy” that was co-hosted by UMass Lowell and Queen’s University Belfast. The keynote speaker, Dr. Timothy Meagher of Catholic University of America, gave a sweeping talk that traced…

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