Trasna writers in The Lowell Review 2021

The Lowell Review Several writers featured in Trasna (2020) have been included in a new annual publication, The Lowell Review. Copies of The Lowell Review are available for purchase, or online through Below are selections from those Trasna pieces included in the 2021 edition with selections from 2020. We…

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‘A Morning Walk’ from “Intimate City: Dublin Essays” by Peter Sirr

Featured in today’s Irish Times is a collection of essays by prize-winning poet, Peter Sirr: “Intimate City: Dublin Essays.” This week, Trasna is pleased to present ‘A morning walk,’ one of the essays from this brilliant collection.  Sirr’s essays explore Dublin’s past and present; travel its narrow lanes; meditate on…

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‘Hope against Hope’ a Historical Novel by Sheena Wilkinson

Trasna is pleased to present a work of historical fiction, ‘Hope against Hope’ by Sheena Wilkinson. This is the third outstanding work of historical fiction by the multi-award-winning Sheena Wilkinson. It follows the fantastically successful ‘Star by Star’, which won the Children’s Books Ireland Honour Award for Fiction in 2018…

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