Lowell Week in Review: June 26, 2016

Remembering World War One Yesterday I participated in the re-dedication of Cupples Square which is “the junction of Pine, Westford, Loring, and Hastings Streets” in the Highlands. Originally dedicated in October 1923, the square memorializes US Army Lieutenant Lorne Cupples, a resident of the neighborhood who was killed in action…

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Lowell Week in Review: June 19, 2016

Perkins Place If you wanted to create a training film on how to best advocate your case before the city council, the remarks by residents of Perkins Place at last Tuesday’s council meeting would be a good starting point. Councilor Dan Rourke perhaps best illustrated how the residents’ oratory had…

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Lowell Cemetery Art Show

Marie Sweeney attended the Lowell Cemetery Art Show today and composed the following post: On this gorgeous day what better place to be but in a garden! This morning I attended an Art Show arrayed below the spectacular canopy of a thick-trunked, leafy-branched, golden brown European Beech tree in the…

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