Seamus Connolly ~ The Legacy ~ A Lowell Connection

We get two great alumni magazines regularly – one from UMass Lowell and the other from Boston College… the Winter 2017 BC magazine just arrived with a terrific article about an old Lowell friend… Seamus Connolly. in The Legacy – folklorist and musician Mick Moloney tells us of the great collection of traditional Irish music assembled by Connolly… and the on-line “The Seamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music”. The collection is not just the history of the music but of Connolly himself as a musician and of those other great traditional Irish musicians and their personal experiences hearing, learning, discerning, creating and interacting. Recognized and declared a distinguished National Heritage Fellow in 2013 as a master fiddle player, teacher and composer, Seamus won the hearts of Lowellians many years ago as a performer at Lowell Folk Festivals and other events and, of course, as the great love of former Lowell National Historical Park superintendent Sandy Walter… I can head the sound as his fiddle genius as I type… check this BC magazine link and learn more about Seamus Connolly and his BC legacy.