More on Immigration Enforcement in Lowell

The following is from Mimi Parseghian

More on Immigration Enforcement in Lowell

By Mimi Parseghian

In his report of the City Council meeting as well as his Sunday review, Dick has given a good recap of what occurred.

I fully understand that under this highly charged political atmosphere the issue of immigration is emotional and can be divisive.  Nevertheless, the reaction by the City Council left me puzzled.

As stated during the discussions last Tuesday and confirmed in City Manager Murphy memorandum to the City Council, Lowell has addressed “concerns similar to what is typically outlined in a Trust Ordinance.”  The content of that document (General Order: 320.07) titled “Immigration Enforcement” may be insufficient for some and inappropriate for others.  This coming Tuesday, when the correspondence from the City Manager is introduced will that be a reaffirmation of the policy that by any other name is still a trust between the Police Department and the residents?

If that is the case, then we are not discussing policy but labels.  I was not sure what the backstory was to the reaction to the petitioners until I read the editorial in Saturday’s Sun.  The editorial staff of the Sun does not want Lowell to be aligned with such cities that want “to express their opposition to President Trump’s initiative…Avoid ‘Trust Act’ Politics.”  I guess it is only acceptable to politicize this issue when you want to spearhead the opposition.

On a personal note, during the discussions last week a person speaking in opposition stated that the Armenian Genocide was a result of sharia law.  That is not accurate.  The Young Turks were the architects and perpetrators of the Genocide and their motivation was not religious.  My grandparents and most of the Armenians who fled their homes during that Genocide found refuge in Syria, a Muslim majority country.

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  1. C. Mireille Jones says:

    My father was a baby in Armenia when his father and mother fled to France during the Turkish genocide which was to steal the land from the peaceful, Christian Armenians. My father and his parents didn’t have their heads decapitated like the rest of the family because my grandfather knew one of the Turks who let them escape. It’s always easy to impugn a Refugee or immigrant, isn’t it? Why don’t you try walking in their shoes?