Lowell Sun story on Cemetery Tours

Thanks to the Lowell Sun for a nice story today about the Lowell Cemetery tours.  Reporter Brendan Lewis and photographer Caley McGuane joined the tour this past Saturday and did a good job of capturing what the tour is all about – interesting stories about American history, always with a…

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Chicago Lessons

I’m back from a family vacation in Chicago, Illinois, one of the great cities of the USA. It was my first visit to a city that I associate with Carl Sandburg, Barack Obama, Studs Terkel, Albert Halper, Poetry magazine (founded by Harriet Monroe and Alice Corbin), Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor, the Cubs…

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The Imari Vase

“The Imari porcelain vase, standing over 5 feet high, was made in Arita Japan, by the artisan Kanzo. It was believed to be the largest porcelain specimen produced in Japan, and was exhibited at the Columbian Exposition in 1893, the Pan American Exposition in 1901, and later at the Paris…

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