Honors for Kerouac

Last night, students from the UMass Lowell Honors College First-Year Seminar in all things Lowell went on the road in Kerouac’s Lowell. I teach one section of the 22 sections of this required course in the Honors College. Nearly 400 students are learning about Lowell in a directed way this…

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A Walk in the Woods review

About 15 years ago we departed Lowell for a week-long family hiking trip to Arcadia State Park in Maine and helped the long drive pass more quickly by listening to a book on tape. Our selection was perfect for the occasion: A Walk in the Woods, a 1998 best-seller by…

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A Region of Lasting Importance

For anyone who needs a reminder about the distinctive region around us, just check the new issue of the New Yorker magazine with two major articles about historical happenings and people from our general area. Our local history keeps making news. Pulitzer Prize-winner Stacy Shiff writes about “The Witches of Salem:…

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