‘The Big Wheel’

Lowell artist Jeannine Tardiff Condon made this painting of an iconic object in downtown Lowell that is now gone. This image is from a notecard that Jeannine made for sale in her studio at the Brush Gallery and Studios at Market Mills. Excellent in drawing and painting, Jeannine was one…

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I waited a long time before writing about 9/11, not because I didn’t want to but because I could not find the right words. I had composed a short, oblique poem called “The Cut” that delved into the way Nature tends to heal itself when it can, the way tree…

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Lowell + Books = Happy City

One of the most popular Lowell Walks this summer and last was Literary Lowell. Led by Sean Thibodeau of the Pollard Memorial Library, the Literary Lowell walk visited downtown places featured in books or relevant to the authors who wrote other books. Some of the most enjoyable events I’ve attended…

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