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New Poem by Tom Sexton

We have a new poem from Tom Sexton today, which he sent from his home in Alaska. In this new composition Tom recreates an extended moment in his Lowell youth, reflecting on a kind of confusion most of us have experienced. The details are just right in this self-portrait of…

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Climate Change Anger and Angst

NYTimes web page has a lead story about how the Republican Party and its financiers first sold to the public and then politically embraced the view that the facts and forecasts for global warming or climate change are “fake science.” There’s a lot of criticism of how the Democratic Party…

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LHP Supports Downtown High School

  Media Release May 17, 2017 Lowell Heritage Partnership Supports Downtown High School Location The Board of Directors of the Lowell Heritage Partnership (LHP) voted unanimously (two abstentions) on March 23, 2017, to renew and keep Lowell High School downtown, citing it as “an opportunity to ensure that our heritage…

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