Stephen O’Connor: Killin’ It with Short Stories

Steve O’Connor: Killin’ It with Short Stories

Writer, teacher, and soccer-man Stephen O’Connor of Lowell has been killing it on the short story front for the past few years, placing 14 stories (six this year) in Lodestone Journal, Southern Pacific Journal, Dimeshow Review, The Sandy River Review, Ricky’s Backyard, The Mark Literary Review, The Literary Nest, Sobotka Literary Journal, Literally Stories, and The Aethlon Journal of Sports Literature.

“Work, Love, and Music” won the short story contest at Helen Literary Magazine, and “St. Lucy’s Day” earned Special Mention honors in Open Road Review.

He also landed a nonfiction piece called “Lalla Rookh and the Great Slide” in the Amsterdam Quarterly.

He’s got enough material for a second volume of stories, following up on his successful Smokestack Lightning collection of 2010. His story “Red Shoes” appeared a few years back in the River Muse Anthology, edited by Lloyd Corricelli and Dave Daniel.

His novels, The Spy in the City of Books and The Witch at Rivermouth, are available for purchase online. 

Steve has finished another novel, “No Time to Quit Drinking,” which is ready to be shopped around to publishers.

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  1. Stephen O'Connor says:

    Thanks for the plug, Paul and Dick. “Soccer man” should read
    “former soccer man.” I played my last game at the age of 58. Leandro Carvahlo, of Expresso Pizza fame, (he and his brothers were seriously good), asked me to join an over 63 team, but I think Kenny Rogers was right-know when to fold ’em. When the “lads” take a collection for a “team defibrilator,” it’s probably time to fold ’em. Met a lot of great guys from all over the world in the over-thirties, over-forties and over-fifties, but as the Irish song says, “Those days they are gone and will ne’er come again.” Hope the writing lasts a bit longer. Thanks again.