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Trasna editor Margaret O’Brien’s timely piece,“Pasteur and Uncle Paddy,” is about a deadly virus, her great-grandmother Mary, and one of the world’s most famous scientists. Today the world is in the grip of a pandemic because of COVID-19, the deadly Coronavirus. Although it has claimed many lives and disrupted economic and social…

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‘BITTERN CRY’ by Fergus Hogan

Our sensibility recognizes the divine in Nature and Ceremony. With vision and voice, Fergus Hogan’s lyrics intensify the connection and set it afire.  ****** FERGUS HOGAN READS FROM ‘BITTERN CRY’ ****** Three Stones for a Decision there’s a path through the woods round the lake where I pray  that I…

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May: Mary’s Month or Baal’s?

The launch of Trasna coincides with the feast of Bealtaine, which marks the start of summer in Ireland. Hopefully Trasna will also be the start to something great. Our first piece comes from Sligo author Joe McGowan who explores the pagan and Christian traditions surrounding May 1st. When we were…

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