In Pencil

In pencil – (PIP #28)

By Louise Peloquin

L’Etoile published many accounts of young locals serving abroad during World War II. Here is an example:

L’Etoile – June 30, 1944

Soldier Marcouillier proud of his experiences

Words of gratitude addressed to the Franco-American Club of Dracut which is interested in the soldiers.

     In a letter of thanks to Joseph Chanelle, President of the Franco-American Club of Dracut, soldier Raymond Marcouillier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Marcouillier, 120 Colombia Street, says he is proud to have participated in the campaigns in North-Africa, Sicily and Italy. Member of the American Army third infantry division, one of the best he says, he drops details which suggest his proximity to danger.

     “The other day” he said “I had the happiness of getting my hands on a famous New York newspaper. The first thing I noticed was the column stating that everything was calm on the Italian front. Alas, this was not the case and our casualties attest to it. Those were not birds flying at night making an infernal racket; those were not apples crashing on the ground and exploding to create holes twice their size.”

     He added “I do not want you to fear the horrors of war but too many people seem to believe that it does not exist. What threatened to weaken the morale of our fighters here during these most somber days was seeing that a certain percentage of people refused to work in order to receive more money. What would happen if we, the soldiers, had done the same thing? I am convinced however, that the Franco-Americans are not in this category.”

     And to end, solider Marcouillier, who is the son of the Franco-American Club treasurer, offers his best wishes for the increasing success of this organization and expresses the desire to join it upon his return. He also explains that his letter is written in pencil because “the other day a bomb hit close to me and broke my pen.”

     Soldier Marcouillier attended Saint Joseph High School and joined the army two years ago. His military training took place at Fort Meade Maryland. (1) 


1) Translation by Louise Peloquin.

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