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What the Plates Say

In 1988, the National Park Service and Center for Archaeological Studies at Boston University were asked by the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission to investigate the grounds of the former Boott Mills boarding houses off French Street (one remains today, known as the Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center), and the Kirk…

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Cultural Highlights 2012

Following is one writer’s highlights in cultural experiences in Lowell and the Merrimack Valley this past year. These are events I attended, so this list is not an attempt to rate the best in the arts and culture for 2012. That’s for another post. Send in your favorite and unforgettable moments,…

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‘Yellowstone and Lowell’

Some of the readers of this blog know that for the past year I have been writing a book about the origin and impact of Lowell’s national park. Below is a “sidebar” piece that will appear in the “Making the Park” chapter. The manuscript is nearly complete, and Lowell National Historical Park will…

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