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Joan Baez in Lowell

In the end it was like church. A generational church. A church of humanity. Of joy. Of suffering. Of soulful community. She had brought us together one more time, and there was a poignancy to it because a lot of us who were there are getting “up there” and have…

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Art Night

Gates Block (web photo courtesy of LHS Photo) The massive, exuberant crowd at the official opening of the Arts League of Lowell (ALL) Gallery confirmed again that art-making is one of the city’s top enterprises.  The spacious exhibition and sales gallery occupies most of the first floor of the Gates…

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Inspired by Lowell: Michael Leary

Some of our readers know that I’ve been working on a book about the origin and impact of Lowell National Historical Park for the past two years. Following is an excerpt from the section about preserving the historic structures and places in the city. Michael Leary is an urban studies…

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