Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan By David Daniel At five minutes to ten on a Wednesday morning I am standing in a small storage area at the county house of correction, waiting for my GED students. The 16-by-16 foot space with gray block walls, pipes overhead, and a single window with bars giving…

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Ain’t Got Nuthin

Ain’t Got Nuthin (Writer’s cramp during Covid) By Jerry Bisantz Copyright 2020 “I ain’t got nuthin!”  Forget the double negative, because the truth is the truth… that scary answer to that most frightening of all questions: “whatcha working on now?””  Can’t a goddamn playwright  get some peace in this world?…

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Best Dog Ever

Best Dog Ever By David Daniel For Bobby Harrison, 1948-1995 When I got out of the service I couldn’t find a job, so I went back to live at my parents’ house. I still had a little Army money, so I started hanging around with my friend Bobby. He had…

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