Books as Autobiography

My family shares an 1860s house with my wife’s parents. We’ve been spring-cleaning this weekend, and one of the tasks was to straighten out the old bookcases that are scattered around their side and our side of the big house. In one small wooden bookcase on their side, one partial…

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‘Memorial Day Bridges’

I’ve posted this prose poem from 1978 on the blog before. It was written soon after the experience that provided the brief story thread. In those days, I was constantly on the lookout for images and incidents that could feed a new composition. I wanted to write, write, write. It’s a slight piece, but…

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Architect Patrick Tighe’s Work in NYT

Architect Patrick Tighe is based in Southern California these days, but he has deep Lowell roots. Today’s NYTimes’s Home section features photographs and an article about a house in Los Angeles designed by Patrick. Montee Karp and her husband Dr. Harvey Karp hired Patrick to transform their ocean-facing  house. She…

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