“Towards a Wild Ecology of Being” by Clare Mulvany

Located primarily in the northwest of County Clare, the Burren, is one of the world’s most unique landscapes. It means “great rock” in Irish (Boireann), and is dominated by thick successions of sedimentary rocks, often compared to a lunar landscape. In the following essay and series of photographs, Clare Mulvany take…

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Lowell’s Neighborhoods: Some History

On Thursday, August 27, 2020, I logged on to “Lowell Lines District Mapping Info Session,” an online forum hosted by CMAA, Massachusetts Voter Table, Lowell Alliance, and Latinx Community Center for Empowerment (LCCE). The purpose of the session was to gather information for the creation of new voting districts in…

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54th Massachusetts Monument, Boston

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment was activated on March 13, 1863, as one of the first African-American units of the American Civil War. Although the regiment was organized and trained in Boston, the African-American men who filled its ranks were recruited from around the northern states. Governor John Andrew appointed…

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