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All Hail Lyle Lovett

This post by Paul Marion first ran on August 14, 2010, and is repeated here for this year’s Music Week on the blog: All Hail Lyle Lovett By Paul Marion (Aug 14, 2010) At one point in his performance at Boarding House Park as part of The Lowell Summer Music…

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In the past few years at the Lowell Summer Music Series at Boarding House Park, I have been struck by the superlative musicianship of the artists presented by the organizers, Lowell National Historical Park and the Lowell Festival Foundation. Night after night the featured artists and their bands demonstrate the…

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Joan Baez in Lowell

In the end it was like church. A generational church. A church of humanity. Of joy. Of suffering. Of soulful community. She had brought us together one more time, and there was a poignancy to it because a lot of us who were there are getting “up there” and have…

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