Lowell Week in Review: December 9, 2018

Blockbuster Council Motion Tuesday Most Lowell City Council motions are noncontroversial, but every so often one with far-reaching implications is served up. Such will be the case Tuesday night when councilors take up a joint motion by Vesna Nuon and Ed Kennedy. The motion requests the City Manager to “encourage…

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Novelist David Moloney: Sky-High Advance Notices

David Moloney of Lowell: Forthcoming Novel, High Praise Bloomsbury Publishing will release David Moloney’s first novel, Barker House, in February 2020. He’s a Lowell resident and graduate of UMass Lowell and Southern New Hampshire University (master’s degree in creative writing). David’s novel has earned outstanding advance notices from well-known writers.…

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“The Lowell Way” by Kendall Wallace

The Lowell Way By Kendall Wallace Lowell—-My grandparents came to Lowell from Prince Edward Island, Canada more than 100 years ago. Since that time, five generations of our family have called Lowell home. Earlier this year. My family was the last of the clan to leave Lowell. My wife and…

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