Election 2012

US Senate debate from UMass Lowell

Congratulations to UMass Lowell for hosting tonight’s US Senate debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. I was fortunate to be in attendance and very much enjoyed the carnival atmosphere outside the arena before the debate as supporters of both candidates filled every open space, holding signs, wearing t-shirts, and…

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51 Days and Certainty

For the past couple of years, there has been a political critique in the air that was especially favored by national Republicans. The charge was (is) that the economy is lagging because of deep “uncertainty” in the “business community” about what to expect in the areas of taxation, regulation, monetary…

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Greater Lowell Area Democrats Meet Tomorrow – Saturday September 8, 2012

After the summer break, Greater Lowell Area Democrats (GLAD) resume their schedule of breakfast meetings tomorrow! The regular agenda will include: plans for the Fall Brunch;  impact of yesterday’s primary on the field of Democratic nominees;  first-hand account(s) from the Democratic National Convention; campaign activities in the races for President, US Senate and Congressional…

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