Check out PolicyMic article on Senate debate

Mike Luciano formerly taught political science at UMass Lowell and occasionally offered posts and comments on this site. Now he is a Senior Editor at PolicyMic which describes itself as “the first democratic online news platform to engage millennials in debates about real issues.” Here’s some of an article he wrote about last night’s US Senate debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren on PolicyMic:

Senator Scott Brown committed an astounding blunder toward the end of Monday’s U.S. Senate debate that sent jaws dropping across the sold-out 5,700 seat Tsongas Center. Asked by moderator David Gregory who his model Supreme Court justice is, Brown stubmled a bit before replying, “Justice Scalia.” That prompted challenger Elizabeth Warren’s face to beam, and brought audible gasps and boos from the audience. [continue reading article].

One Response to Check out PolicyMic article on Senate debate

  1. kad barma says:

    I’m not sure if it can be called a “blunder” to offer honest answer to a straightforward question, but I would agree “Scalia” is absolutely the single most “wrong” answer a Senate candidate from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could offer in such a situation. REALLY? As an election fence-sitter I’m appalled that he’d even think such a thing, though I applaud honesty and will not blame Scott Brown for being forthright by tagging him with that “blunder” pejorative.

    It’s just one of the most eloquent reasons to decline to vote for him there can possibly be, that’s all.