Remembering “Honey Fitz” ~ the other side of the Kennedy Legacy

On this day last year as the Kennedy legacy got a renewal with Ted Kennedy, Jr. elected to the State Senate in Connecticut and great-great grandson Joe Kennedy, III re-elected to his 4th CD seat in the US House of Representatives…we looked at the maternal side of the family to remember the life and legacy of Rose Kennedy’s father– the famed John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald – Mayor of Boston. Here’s the “Honey Fitz” story as we note his election to the US Congress on November 6, 1894…

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On This Day: “Honey Fitz” Elected to Congress ~ November 6, 1894

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 John Francis “Honey-Fitz” Fitzgerald ( 1863 – 1950)

Born in the North End in the shadow of the historic Old North Church, John Francis Fitzgerald – known as “Honey-Fitz” – was the founder of what became the historic Kennedy dynasty. He was bright, hardworking, determined and Irish-Catholic. He was the first of “his kind” to attend the prestigious Boston Latin School. His dream of becoming a doctor ended after a year at Harvard Medical School when his father died. His life took a different turn that led him into politics! An avid reader with a fine memory, he could dazzle audiences with his informed opinions, eloquent oratory and a touch of what one reporter called “his consummate Irish charm.” One newspaper printed a poem that began, “Honey Fitz can talk you blind on any subject you can find.” From the Boston City Council, to the Massachusetts State Senate, three terms in the U. S. Congress then to Mayor of Boston – he was the consummate politician – head of a strong political machine where he met the needs of his constituents and supporters – but there were hints of city hall cronyism – even corruption. In 1912 he ran into the wiles and ambitions of another Irish pol – James Michael Curley. His life as an elected official was over.  In his later years,  ”Honey Fitz” turn his attention to honing the political skills of his daughter Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s sons – three of whom became United States Senators and one who achieved the Presidency – John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The rest is history as we learn from MassMoments:

On This Day...

  …in 1895, a colorful Irishman from Boston’s North End, nicknamed “Honey Fitz” for his charming and loquacious ways, was elected to the U.S. Congress. Ten years later, John Francis Fitzgerald returned to Boston and ran for mayor. His victory rattled the Yankee establishment. He worked on behalf of the poor, immigrants, and workers, but his administration was rife with graft, cronyism, and corruption. After withdrawing from the 1914 mayoral campaign, Fitzgerald turned his attention to business and family. His daughter Rose had married Joseph Kennedy, and “Honey Fitz” devoted himself to grooming their sons for political careers. Three of them would serve in the U.S. Senate. His namesake, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, would be the 35th President of the United States.
1912, opening day at Fenway Park – Boston Mayor John “Honey-Fitz” Fitzgerald doffs his hat to the fans.
Three generations: “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, Joe Kennedy Sr., and Jack Kennedy
Note: Honey-Fitz’s great-great grandson Joe Kennedy, Jr. will likely follow in the  footsteps of his great-great grandfather, great-uncle JFK and  his own father Joe, Sr. and be elected to serve and represent Massachusetts in the U. S. House of Representative today! Of course, his grandfather Bobby Kennedy was a US Senator from New York and great uncle Ted Kennedy – the long-serving Senator for Massachusetts. Also, his cousin Patrick Kennedy served as a US Representative from Rhode Island. History!