28th Annual Lowell Folk Festival Opens

Social media especially Facebook and Twitter and other technology has brought a added dimension to celebrating and sharing the Lowell Folk Festival. Personally, my thanks to  Facebook friends who posted spectacular photos from the opening parade and kick-off of the 28th Annual Lowell Folk Festival! Deb Belanger, Phil Lupsiewicz , Jennifer Myers, Julia Malakie, the Chamber, the Sun, Howl, the Lowell National Historical Park , Lowell Heritage Partnership and many individual festival-goers shared the experience. You captured the faces, the flags, the colors, the traditional dress, the food, the tents, the musicians, the sights and “sounds” of Lowell and the Lowell Folk Festival!  It will be a great, celebratory weekend. Get information here… http://www.lowellfolkfestival.org/

Rita Savard/Howl photo

Deb Belanger/GMVCVB photo

Jen Myers photos