No Comparison to the Meehan Coup in 1992

Congressman John Tierney, (MA-6CD)

Sun staffer Rick Sobey writes today about the Democratic primary race in the 6th Congressional District where two candidates are challenging longtime incumbent John Tierney. It’s a timely article that attempts to draw a parallel with this race and the 1992 race in the 5th Congressional District back when Marty Meehan toppled incumbent Chet Atkins. Trust me when I say that the situation in the 6th CD today is absolutely NOT like the 5th CD in 1992. Congressman Tierney is completely engaged with the district, its constituents and its issues and concerns while Akins – as Marty wisely assessed – was becoming remote and detached. As a candidate, Marty was unique and neither challenger in the 6th can compare.

Also, having support of town and regional Dem chairs is not being “controlled by the political machine” – that statement is laughable to anyone who knows this region. But, activist leaders as well as local officials do know when a Congressman is accessible, that he comes to events, that he listens and responses to constituents and is pro-active for community needs. John Tierney fits that positive profile! And he certainly has the respect and support of colleagues in the Congress… support he needs as he stands for our district needs. It was no coincidence that the “Congresswomen on the bus” in Lowell last week had John Tierney front and center and on board.

As for any comparison to the recent Cantor upset in Virginia, I accept Michael Goldman’s analysis of the Canter loss. “He didn’t take the race seriously and fell asleep. You also need a major fundamental difference between candidates for an upset like that, but there’s nothing like that here.”

It will be an interesting run-up to the September 9th 6th District Democratic Primary especially here in the Merrimack Valley – as always a political “hot spot.” Stay tuned. And yes – for full disclosure – this Democrat stands in full support of John Tierney. He’ll get my vote!

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A note ~ To clarify… the Head Start class in Billerica mentioned in the article is run by CTI (Community Teamwork, Inc.)