Some Important Lowell History Translated!

For those of us interested in the history of Lowell and particularly the role of the Catholic Church and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in that history, the publication of the history written by Rev. Richard Santerre, OMI as translated by Rev Lucien Sawyer, OMI is a welcome and long-awaited event.

I come from an Oblate family and was raised in Oblate parishes  – in my younger days at the Sacred Heart then later at the Immaculate –  in the more “Irish” tradition.  I have read Fr. Joe Wild’s history of the American Province. There was a split in the provinces for many years where the Oblates who staffed the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate as well as St. Williams Parish and the Oblate House in Tewksbury were from the so-called American Province. They and the former St. Jean Baptiste Province of Lowell – the French province are now one province.  That split probably should get its own history told – but I doubt that will happen. Culture and politics are no stranger to the Church! I may come back to this issue later.

I look forward to getting a copy of “Saint Jean Baptiste and the Franco Americans of Lowell, Massachusetts” at the Shrine – ASAP. Thanks Deb Horvanasian for this article in today’s Sunday Sun.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Marie when I was young the wonderful Oblates were a great presence in the Lowell area as you know.John.