Massachusetts: Don’t Mess With Us!

Given the recent spate of good news about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the GOP nominee for President and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney should be embracing his Bay State association instead of running away from it or re-characterizing it. Although it’s not a new stance for Mr. Mitt. During the last part of  his governorship, Romney – in anticipation of a national run – whacked us from pillar to post to one and all who would listen. In 2006, his last year as governor, Romney spent all or part of 212 days out of state, as a GOP do-gooder but really laying the foundation for his presidential campaign . The Commonwealth was abandoned and then seen through the Romney prism – it was  campaign fodder as he bragged about his over 800 vetos, touted a battle to interfer with the same-sex marriage ruling of the State Supreme Court, danced on the right of public employees – all while  secretly scrubbing then selling the staff-used e-mail  servers, abandoning his GOP recruits and then filing papers to establish a formal exploratory presidential campaign committee on his next-to-last day in office as governor.

It’s not the sketchy “Massachusetts Miracle” but let’s look at the just published article on Massachusetts. While not ignoring our foibles, problems and propensities,  the article suggests the real pluses of the Commonwealth. Slate notes that “The nation’s favorite punching bag is an exceptionally successful state.”

Here are a few items from the article:

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