Dudley L. Page ~ Businessman, Civil War Veteran, Lowell Legend

 Dudley L. Page (Courtesy: Lowell Sun – 8/11/1934) from “Forgotten New England”

Don’t miss the latest entry in the “Forgotten New England” diary of  things past in New England – but more importantly with today’s post – in our Lowell Massachusetts. The remembrance of Dudley Page evokes memories and stories of a post-Civil War Lowell. This is a time when the  men of the Civil War military returned home or somehow found their way to Lowell and Greater Lowell . They left their mark. Dick Howe frequently addresses this in his many talks about Lowell and the Civil War – as he will on April 15 as part of a Lowell Historical Society program at the Mogan Cultural Center. With the recall of Dudley Page – Uncle Dudley to many – we learn of this iconic figure whose life stretched to nearly 100 years and who chronicled his time in story and recollection. In many Samapscoopie columns he is oft quoted and nearly idolized for his contributions, lifestyle and love of Lowell. As the piece indicates Dudley Page symbolized the spirit and action of downtown Lowell entrepreneurs and businesssmen – a forefather of others to come. And yes, he’s the Page behind the legendary Page’s clock in Kearney Square / Merrimack Street.

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2 Responses to Dudley L. Page ~ Businessman, Civil War Veteran, Lowell Legend

  1. John Quealey says:

    I remember Pages bakery and restaurant, but I don’t know if I was ever in there. Susie Ryan from the Grove was the manager of the resaurant up until the 50’s I know many people who are in there 80’s now who worked there as waitreses. Brighams took over the restaurant, and Dorothy Muriel took over the bakery.