“First Lady of Film” Bette Davis Born In Lowell

  Seen here in Jezebel (1938),  Davis’s second Academy Award-winning performance

On this day  April 5, 1908 – Ruth Elizabeth Davis, known from early childhood as “Betty”, was born in Lowell, Massachusetts,  the daughter of Ruth Augusta “Ruthie” (née Favor) and Harlow Morrell Davis, a patent attorney. The family was Protestant, of English, French, and Welsh ancestry. She was born on Chester Street in the Highlands home of her maternal grandparents. From school productions, summer stock to Broadway and Hollywood, Bette Davis pursued her great lifelong passion – acting!  The veteran of 50 years in show business with over 100 films (including made-for-tv) and ten Oscar nominations, Davis won an Oscar as Best Actress in “Dangerous,” 1935 and for “Jezebel” in 1938. The United States Postal Service honored the iconic Bette Davis with a commemorative postage stamp in 2008, marking the 100th anniversary of her birth.


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One Response to “First Lady of Film” Bette Davis Born In Lowell

  1. Steve says:

    Odd coincidence. Last night my wife and I watched Od Maid, starring Bete Davis. I had no idea it was her birthday.

    She starred in a lot of excellent films, and quite a variety of character types. In some she’s an angel; in others she’s a real, well, I’ll say witch.

    Jay Pendergast once wrote to Davis to ask her to come to Lowell for some event. I believe she sent back a signed photo, and a letter saying that she regretted that she could not attend on that date but to accept her best wishes etc. I’ll have to ask Jay’s widow about that. Nice post Marie.