FERC Accepts Keeper’s Findings on Pawtucket Dam

Finally – FERC – the Federal Energy Regulatory Comission – has accepted the declaration of the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places (National Register) that the Pawtucket Dam has – without question – historic and engineering significance and is individually eligible for the Historic Register. This finding is  huge with FERC basically admitting that their previous “No Adverse Effect” position was simply wrong. Of course, they are suggesting “mitigation.” As expected their proposal is unacceptable to the Lowell National Historical Park who will  assert the language in the Lowell authorizing law that prohibits a federal agency from issuing a license within the Lowell National Park and Preservation District where an adverse effect has been found.

Kudos to all those individuals and agencies who have standing for pushing back at FERC for the wrong-headed pooh-poohing of the dam’s historic significance. A special kudo to LNHP Superintendent Michael Cressey and Deputy Peter Aucella who cooly and thoroughly organized and refuted the FERC position.

While far from over – it seems that Boott Hydro and the parent company ENEL will not be easily rolling over the positions of the neighbors, the LNHP legislation, the city and the views of so many experts and supporters of the historic Pawtucket Dam.

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4 Responses to FERC Accepts Keeper’s Findings on Pawtucket Dam

  1. Paul Belley says:

    Yes this is good news,I’ve always said that our ace in the hole was the historic significance of the Pawtucket Dam. Enel as altered the flashboards over the years to suit there needs in the name of proift. The residents of Clay Pit Brook and and our neighbors to the north have been though enough. Thank you to the Supt. Michael Cressey and Peter Aucella and all our neighbors for your support.

  2. Deb Forgione says:

    It was Peter Aucella that identified and educated the residents on the Historic Significance of the Pawtucket Dam. He educated us on how the process worked, he kept us informed and all the credit goes to him, Michael Creasey and all the hard working NPS staff. I personally will always be grateful for him including us in this process. He is a friend of the Pawtuckeville Citizens Council and respected by all.