Lowell Historic Board Winter 2012 Newsletter Just Published!

Lots of really good and interesting information here in the just published Lowell Historic Board Newsletter. Articles include an installment in an ongoing series written by LHB Administrator Steve Stowell about Lowell building architecture; Assistant Administrator Kim Zunino’s look at “neon” signage in the downtown as well as some great vintage photos and a reminder about the treasures in the City’s archive and attic!

Here’s a teaser from the Neon Haze article:

Neon signs were an invention of the early twentieth century, most popular from the 1920s-1940s. It was discovered that neon or argon gas glowed when an electric charge passed through them. Glass tubes could be molded into any shape or form and even set on timers so images seemed to move. The Haffner’s Gas sign, a landmark Lowell sign that was recently restored, is an example of this type of design. 

Lowell Sun Neon

Historic neon on the
Lowell Sun Building

Another historic, period neon sign that survives is on the roof of the Sun Building in Kearney Square.

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