In the Upper Merrimack Valley: Manchester Union Leader Declares Romney ~ ” Like Father Like Son”

Republishing an old editorial cartoon, the Manchester Union Leader – New Hampshire’s only state-wide newspaper – declares “like father- like son” to describe GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Editorially, the paper has recently endorsed Newt Gingrich’s candidacy in the New Hampshire presidential primary scheduled for January 10, 2012. While declaring they don’t like everything about Newt – they scorn the flip-flopping, disingenuousness of Mitt. Apparently the editorial gurus at the Leader think it’s a genetic trait in the Romney lineage, thus the republishing of the 1968 Bob Murphy editorial cartoon.

Editors include this comment:

We were reminded of the cartoon last week while watching Fox News host Brett Baier trying to pin down the younger Romney on several of his more famous “course corrections.”

Romney denied them all, haughtily telling Baier to get his facts straight.

To which we say: Mush! Mitt! Mush!

More of the editorial comment here at The editorial endorsement of Newt Gingrich here.