In the Merrimack Valley: More on Takeover of Lawrence Schools

In a article in today’s Eagle tribune writer Alex Bloom – who has been closely following the actvities around a takeover of the Lawrence schools by the Commonweath – tells us that January 1, 2012 is the date when the schools will be under the control and direction of a receiver.  The receiver to be selected by Mitchell Chester – the state’s education commissioner – will have the powers of both the school superintendent and the School Committee.

Yesterday – The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 10-1 to designate Lawrence as a “Level 5” district, labeling it a chronically underperforming district and clearing the way to place the city’s failing schools into receivership.

Bloom reports on the comments of Board of Education members about their votes at the meeting and on the positions of the incoming members of the Lawrence School Committee and others like Acting  Superintendent Mary Lou Bergeron. Bergeron will move down to be the assistant superintendent when the receiver takes over. Mayor William Lantigua who also serves as Chairman of the School Committee called for the takeover on November 15th – did not attend the Boad of Education meeting but issued a statement:

“Today marks a new day for our school district and symbolizes a sign of hope for our parents and children within our system,” Lantigua said in the statement- according to the Eagle Tribune story.

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