In the Upper Merrimack Valley: Union Leader Endorses Newt Gingrich

In the Manchester, New Hampshire influential newspaper – the Union Leader:

After careful consideration and extensive review of the major candidates in the Republican Presidential Primary, the New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News, the only statewide newspapers in the Granite State, announces their endorsement in Sunday’s editions.
No  on-line text from the Union Leader, so here’s the story from the Associated Press (AP):

WASHINGTON – New Hampshire’s largest newspaper is endorsing Newt Gingrich,
giving the former House speaker a jolt in a state that has the first
presidential primary.

The New Hampshire Union Leader wrote in Sunday’s editions that the former
Georgia lawmaker is the choice of the conservative editorial page. 

The decision was published in a banner headline across the front page of the
Sunday edition.

The nod had the potential to reset the contest in the state.

The Union Leader has long had great sway in Republican politics in the state,
and the newspaper used Page One editorials and columns to help Sen. John McCain
win the state’s primary four years ago and start his path to the GOP’s

With this endorsement – supporters of Mitt Romnery as well as observers of the political scene need to stay tuned.

2 Responses to In the Upper Merrimack Valley: Union Leader Endorses Newt Gingrich

  1. Eleanor Rigby says:

    I know that the Rasmussen polls (reasonably accurate in the past) have put Romney ahead by a substantial margin, but what I chuckle about is that no one, and I mean no one has pointed out that Romney, for all intent and purposes, is a favorite son in NH!

    He’d better have a substantial lead.

    Republican Romney was Governor of a neighboring state controlled by Democrats and owns a summer home in Wolfeboro NH where he spends a lot of time and is well known around town. That makes him “one of their own”.

    Nationally Gingrich (last poll I saw) has a narrow lead over Romney…so NH really isn’t playing a big role in this cycle.

    Just my $.02

  2. Christopher says:

    Union Leader’s success at getting its favorite to win the primary is mixed at best. Plus, it seems now to represent NH politics of a different era. My prediction – still Romney in NH and still Romney for the GOP nomination.