Lowell Historic Board Publishes Its Quarterly Newsletter

The Lowell Historical Society has recently gone live with a blog site. This is a cross post of an entry I just wrote for the Society’s blog. Hopefully, we will continue this  relationship!  Marie  Clerk,  LHS

The Lowell Historic Board has resumed publication of a quarterly newsletter –  “Presence from the Past” – with its just issued 2011 Fall Edition. News from the commission is always of interest to Lowell Historical Society members and those interested in preservation. The Society does have a member-seat on the Commission currently filled by LHS board member and Director of the UML/Center for Lowell History Martha Mayo and Commission Assistant Director Kim Zunino is also on the board.

While many topics are covered in this newsletter scholars and interested buffs of the many Lowell cemeteries should check out Kim’s article: The Value of Historic Cemeteriesand  information on a November 20 tour she’ll conduct on the Old English Cemetery on Gorham Street.

The Newsletter is chock full of interesting article and suggestion of how to research the history of your house, the newly designated historic neighborhood – the Livingston-Harvard Neighborhood District – in the Highlands, how historic buildings in Lowell are going solar… and much more. There is a calendar of events too!

 77 Livingston Avenue in the new historic district

If you aren’t on the LHB Newlettter list, check it out HERE or copy and paste this URL in your browser : http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=jcl44pbab&v=0012ndadPBmR-KpKCbOQHSebsDdYZZIYpPc6BkVbsq9NuNlPdZnR9v3K-wOdKA1ihGwCCkvLgByXdx4-0iabuBs5q2aFCbhxZiohlUyfnmwklg%3D

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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the posting and exposure. We hope to have the newsletter on the Historic Board’s website very soon. Also if anyone wants to be on our distribution list to get future issues, just shoot me an email at sstowell@lowellma.gov and will add you.