Down Memory Lane: “You Know Your From Lowell If…”

For a few weeks now there has been lots of activity at a certain Facebook site “You know your from Lowell if….” (It was tempting to break out my English teacher red pencil on the title but it’s not a class assignment!) For the most part it has been interesting and the trips down memory are fun and full of memory tweaking comments. People are asking about places, schools, individuals, food, incidents, bands, games, sports, teachers, rituals and so much more. In the spirit of this activity, I’ve posted the class picture of the “last class” to graduate from Keith Academy – the Class of 1970. There are lots of luminaries in the class. Who do you know?

Check out the Facebook page here and look around or pose your own memory.

8 Responses to Down Memory Lane: “You Know Your From Lowell If…”

  1. EileenL says:

    Even when you’re not from Lowell some of the experiences are the same. And there’s quite a bit about Chelmsford on there. Interesting reading!!

  2. billy says:

    3rd row down—second from right—Jay Flaherty–lowell poilice Captain
    to the right of the word Academy–marty fleming
    six rows down on the left–his cousin–jackie fleming
    thats all for now.

  3. Marie says:

    Billy – You are correct on Marty and Jackie (Jake ) Fleming. Jay Flaherty is there but just above Marty Fleming. Keep going!

  4. Steve says:

    Second row from bottom in the center I believe is the late John Nangle, Rep David Nangle’s older brother. Nangle Hall at St. Margaret’s School is named after him.

  5. Marie says:

    Of the nearly 100 class of 1970 members – only 5 – well 6 if you assume that eveyone recognizes State Rep Kevin Murphy – have been identified. Many are very well-known in the community. Come on….. This is the last class not the oldies! Come to think of it they would be in their late 50s. Still….