Tewksbury Library Presents “Boston On Fire” ~ July 13th

Noted at WickedLocal Tewksbury: As part of series of public events in July, the Tewksbury Public Library presents “Boston on Fire” – dramatic tales about the history of fires and fire fighting in Boston Wednesday night – July 13th – at 6:30pm.

On Wednesday, July 13 at 6:30 p.m., join Stephanie Schorow – author of “Boston on Fire” – at the Tewksbury Public Library to learn about the history of fires and fire fighting in Boston. Topics covered may include dramatic tales of 17th century fires, which were viewed as signs of God’s wrath; the 1834 Ursuline convent fire; the Great Fire of 1872; the Chelsea conflagrations of 1908 and 1973; the Vendome Hotel collapse that killed nine firefighters in 1972; and an arson ring that terrorized the city in the 1980s. Particular attention will be paid to the tragic Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire.

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